AICP Awards 2022

The Mill’s Design Studio was tasked with developing a graphic aesthetic to tie AICP’s three core Award Shows together; AICP Post, AICP Next, and the main AICP Awards – visualised on the night of the iconic Gala, and throughout the week-long AICP Basecamp festival. The Gala was held at The MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York City.

Unique palettes were developed to differentiate the three competitions, while still maintaining the overarching design theme. The design concept is centred on the relationship between art and the underlying forces that interact. Abstract patterns, textures, and imagery are given form and meaning through the presence of forces that push and pull – meaning is derived through this perception or defined through typography as message. Following the gala, the designs will live in the MoMA archives.

Led out of The Mill’s New York studio whilst tapping into their global network of artists, the team crafted a bespoke design system that was utilized for all mediums, from start to finish, including title sequences, the MoMA’s screens, the sponsor reel, social posts, marketing advertisements, award tickets, credit templates, end scroll credits, and more.

My main role on the projects was developing the MOMA screens and award category titles.


Client: AICP
Producers: Kristin Wilcha, Shannon Munoz-Flores, Katie Mulligan
Creative Director: Matt Miller
VFX: The Mill
Creative Director: Mike Schaeffer
Executive Producer: Katie Tricot
Producer: Nicole Melius
Lead Art Director and Concept: James Isaaks
Lead Designer: Amy Staropoli
Designer: Leidy Junco
Animators: Brody Davis, Barry Chapman, Fede Reano, David Manzo
Junior Designers: Kris Sharabinskaia, Gianna Yarull Urena
Finish Artists: Matt McDonald, Tom McCullough
Production Coordinator: Cath Daly
Editorial: The Mill
Editor: Matthew Campbell