Big-Flip-Barry-Chapman-08-1440×500 (1)

The Big Flip

Think about this; you may have seen a basketball go through a net but have you ever seen a net go through a basketball?….

This is a series of reverse dynamic experiments that I’ve been working on over the past couple of years. The design and art direction is very much inspired by the work of brilliant contemporary artist and photographers such as George Byrne and Petra Leary (so check them out!). The music and sound effects was created by the amazing Mt. Wave Studio.

The project has been well received and was selected to play at a few festivals such as Pictoplasma and the Florida animation festival. It was also featured on a number of popular online publications such as Creative Boom,  Film Shortage, We and the Colour, Motion Collector and Curious Brain. Here’s an interview I did with Directors Notes.     

Finally, Many thanks to Mario Domingos all for his help with the net dynamics, those pesky, difficult, net dynamics….