Animation stills


Campaign stills


Early development tests

WeWork room beauty test

WeWork – We Work With You

Stink Studios was tasked with creating a new global campaign to demonstrate the vast capabilities that WeWork offers all sized businesses from tiny two-man (or woman) start-ups to large corporations. In this huge project (over 700 deliverables, yikes….) we created animations and stills for online, OOH and DOOH (ohhhhh). All of the work was created in 3d (all the character movements were created using mo-cap), though looks like 2d, which was totally intentional of course, totally.


Production Company: Stink Studios
Animation: Tim Gardiner, Jay Culley, Dan Mountford, Barry Chapman
Creative Director: Simon Cheadle
Designer: Anton Martinez
Producer: Caleigh Kimberly
Audio: Ambrose Yu